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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

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Doesn't work, because the version of 2007 we see on the show already includes the actions of the 815ers back in 1977. We know that because we see a picture of them from the Dharma era, and we see Richard say "I remember meeting them, and I watched them die". That proves that their actions back in 1977 are already part of the timeline.
No, we're talking about changing the timeline, not maintaining the current one. So, it does work. There's already proof of being able to change time. In the first episode with Miles with the kid. Daniel talks to Desmond in the past who suddenly remembers it in the future. He didn't remember that before.

Also, Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were not supposed to go back to 1977 originally. Yet, Daniel's mom and Jacob have helped ensure that they will. Anything they do is different than the previous time loop. Their present in the past is already rippling to the present. The picture in the Dharmaville. That's an immediate change.

So, yes, things will look consistent to a point from the point of view of the characters in the present. But, we're talking changing the timeline.
I'm not sure I explained my argument clearly. i understand that you're talking about changing the timeline. But that would mean that there's an "original timeline" in which the Losties never went back to the 1970s and an "altered timeline" in which they did. But if that's the case, then the version of 2007 that we've been watching all season long is the "altered timeline", not the original one. We know this because there's a picture of the Losties from the Dharma era, and because Richard says he remembers them and "watched them die".

So nothing they did back in the 1970s prevented, say, Jacob from being killed. Because their actions are already part of the timeline that we've been watching all season, and Jacob was in fact killed.
Depends how time works in Lost doesn't it? Right now it seems like it can loop rather than create alternative time lines. We've seen that already. I've theorized elsewhere (oh, wait, actually in this thread) that what we're watching now may already be an interation in a time loop that goes around. A signiture of a time loop that is manipulated would be unusual concidences. What do we have in a lost, a bunch of unusual conincidences. The whys of that, I won't repeat but I've tossed it out earlier in this thread. It's a wild theory, I could well be wrong.

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