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Re: What Star Trek toys did you grow up playing with?

I had the phaser and tricorder toys that I'd use when I played Star Trek with the kids up the street (we would often make stories that bore no resemblance to the serieses themselves, but it was FUN, so that was all that counted), and I still have most of the Playmates figures I got in a pillowcase in my closet (since they're fairly used, I considered it the best way to hold on to them.). I think my dog chewed up and destroyed my Neelix figure. (Insert joke here) The Bridge set I got has seen better days, though - I think I can only locate the main stand and a few pieces of the walls at this point. And the transporter set was apparently placed downstairs by my family (why I don't know) and then when the bulbs were all burnt out, I tried to replace them myself, which pretty much did it in.

I also remember getting that big Micro Machines set with a whole bunch of the different ships, and my third grade teacher offering to fix one of the nacelles that had broken off of the original Enterprise and never getting it back.

Oh, and there was also the 'All Good Things...' Enterprise that would shift between the traditional Enterprise-D and the anti-time future version. Loved that thing.
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