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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hi, I'm Wyse.

Had an account here for years but I've mostly lurked in the TNG and Doctor who/sci fi forums. From Texas. I'm single and turned 27 last December.

Grew up watching TNG. I can't pinpoint the year, but I was at least 11 or twelve so it might have been reruns and not first run episodes I saw. Watching it now I can admit, the acting can be really hammy and the stories blah, so I don't turn a blind eye to the fact that it did occassionally suck. But I love it anyway. I'm giving Enterprise a chance now. So far I'm just at the season one episode Dear Doctor. Liking it so far. I don't see any of the massive suckitude other trek fans claim it to be. Yes, there are some bad episodes/acting/etc, but every trek show had them in the early days.

Other sci-fi shows I've seen. Doctor Who, both classic and new, I've seen some Farscape until they took it off syndication on weeknights, and TNG which is by default my favorite Trek.

Other stuff: I'm a gamer and an anime fan. I like reading biographies and technical books on the golden era of Hollywood. I'm a cook. The end.
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