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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

Easy, easy excellent.

Once I got over the weirdness of Rita's horrible ex as Jacob, I really started to love the flashbacks with him, and the way the whole tapestry of the story - all the way back to the pilot episode and Jack's "five seconds" story to Kate - is being woven together, just like Jacob's tapestry itself.

The confusion among the Losties about what to do about their situation is believable, because they really have no way of knowing what to do. It all depends on "how reality works," and the universe isn't telling. So they fall back on the things their personalities impel them to do - Jack is still maniacally trying to fix everything. Sawyer has gotten over his rage and just wants to find a safe haven. Juliet is neurotic about losing Sawyer and Kate is just plain neurotic.

The big ole fist fight between Jack and Sawyer was a long time coming and thank goodness they "got it out of their system" at long last. Jack's comment to Sawyer, "see you in Los Angeles," was chilling - he's going to destroy a chunk of all their lives - even if it had been a tough chunk of life, it's still life. Is it right to turn your back on your own life like that, or to embrace it, regardless of how good or bad it is? Is Jack really correct in his eternal desire to fix everything all the time, on the probably deluded assumption that life needs to be made "all right"? Even if the Losties spend half their time arguing with and trying to kill each other, does that make their relationships worthless?

Some great classic lines, too. Miles: "I'm glad you all thought this through." Sawyer: "This doesn't look like LAX."

The reveal that Locke is still dead really took me by surprise. The other big surprise - despite reading flat-out spoilers to the contrary - is that Juliet didn't actually die. If she died, so did the other folks at the Swan Station, and somehow I doubt that could be the case. Unless this show is about to get really weird.

Bernard and Rose telling the Losties to just frakkin' chill already was classic. That felt like the last time we'll see them, and it's probable that they are therefore Adam and Eve. But who gets Vincent? I guess he stays with Bernard and Rose?

That's gotta be the best cliffhanger of all time. I don't think I've ever seen one where literally anything can happen now. Will they wake up with dinosaurs, on an alien world, in a holosuite that's just been turned off, in a lunatic asylum, in a pharoah's tomb in ancient Egypt, in purgatory or on Flight 815 headed into that damn trench? Wait until 2010!!!!!!! to find out. (Nice of them to remind us of that, too. Bastards. )
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