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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Just a quick response to the 'Generation ADHD' comments, I have a mate with that who went to see the movie. He said he couldn't follow it. Nothing important there... but it made me laugh and think of here.
Some comments about the frenetic nature of the film.

I read no spoilers, read no interviews and avoided all trailers for this film. So I went into it cold with no idea what was in store for me when I first saw it on Friday and I do think that it takes two viewings to take it all in--the first time through I was so busy being pummeled by information at a rapid fire pace that I really couldn't enjoy the film on its own. I was trying to keep track of the chronology of events and trying to absorb everything as well as trying to rationalize elements that were not making sense. Now if you were aware of plot details beforehand you wouldn't have had this problem.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, ten years ago this would have irritated me but in recent years I've come to accept it as the standard format for a lot of entertainment. Shows like Lost or Heroes have conditioned me to adopt a different approach to this new contemporary style of entertainment viewing, tempering my attitude and learning to go with the flow. So I'm used to having a bunch of information imparted to me at breakneck speed as well as jumping around chronologically and from one thread to the other in a dizzying manner. Shows choose to throw it at you and leave it up to you to fill in the texture and depth that ten years ago was actually included on screen. For the most part they have no interest in really opening up a scene or extending it beyond just a quick flash. I think generally that's fine when the scene is expository or plot-related but hurts the most when it is a character scene.

Before I've appreciated what just happened and while I'm in the middle of taking it in they are already on to something else. At times it can be maddening to keep up. At least at home if I didn't catch some bit of dialogue or I'm still thinking about what just took place I can rewind or pause but here it's "moving on!" I certainly don't want a show to drag but I think they could slow down a bit.

That's fine when I'm at home capable of using my remote to pause the film as I afford myself the time to reflect on what is happening or to be able to replay a bit of dialog that is spoken so rapidly I need to hear it again. But at the theatre I'm unable to do this. Same goes for the ability to slowly advance the battle sequences to appreciate fully the choreography of the scenes.

That's why I went back a second time where I was going in with a lay of the land as it were and could follow the story much easier. It also allowed me to focus on the film itself instead of the first time through where I felt like instead of the writers laying it all out for me so I could just sit back I had to assemble the story first then enjoy it.

Just my two cents.

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