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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

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I don't know, I liked "Suspicions" if only because there was a mystery element. I always thought "IWWH" was a little silly.
Yeah, it could go either way, to be honest. Unfortunately, the murder mystery does nothing for me. And let's face it: Crusher delivering a spinning kick is about as silly as 'gunji jackdaws'.

Week 20: (Ending 05.23.93)
TNG: Rightful Heir (Airdate 05.17.93)
DS9: The Forsaken (Airdate 05.23.93)

It's another TNG Event Episode, where something occurs that has massive repercussions! ...or at least you'd think would have, but I'm not judging these episodes with future hindsight.

Yeah, the whole Kahless-klone seems like a waste after the fact, but at the time, this appeared to be a major deal. Ultimately though, it's a show about faith of belief, which is treated admirably considering Trek often skirted the topic up to that point in favor of sci-fi stuff.

An episode featuring Lwaxana Troi can't compare, even if it was one of her better outings. Nice Odo moments, but The Forsaken's small scope makes it feel inconsiquential. It's just not an Event episode, unlike Rightful Heir. Dang, maybe that's been DS9's problem throughout S1: a major derth of Event Episodes compared to TNG's S6.

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