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Re: Zoe Saldana: Genre babe of the week #20 (May 2009)

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
Trek had two consecutive but if memory serves the other hottie from this flick has already been used, right?
The other hottie from the movie did not fare so well in 2007:

Spot's Meow wrote: View Post
Thumbs down. Her face looks too weird. I watched her in Journeyman and in every scene she was in I couldn't help but think about how odd her cheekbones looked.
Gaseous Anomaly wrote: View Post
Thumbs down, woof! Did somebody do this to her?
Gary Mitchell wrote: View Post
I just watched the Journeyman from this week. There's something about her. The more I see of her, the less attractive she gets. Thumbs down.
Rowan Sjet wrote: View Post
Anyway, Thumbs down. Weird face. Weird arms too actually.
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