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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Revulsion (**)

I'm going to single out the first scene of this episode because I found it very enjoyable to watch. The bit where Tom and Kim tell a story about a prank they pulled on Tuvok wasn't as funny as it wanted to be, but I liked the energy after that moment as multiple plot and character threads are addressed. That scene made Voyager feel like a community with each person having their own story, and this is a feeling which I feel hasn't been there through much of the show so far.

The plot where Doctor Kennith H. Shmully and B'Elanna go to help that hologram guy was drawn out far too long, it is clear to the audience that something is wrong with him right away but the episode takes a long time to get anywhere with it. My other big problem with this episode is that B'Elanna is the one who kills the guy when I feel that it needed to be Dr Shmully who performed this act. It takes what could have been an interesting story where Shmully is forced to kill one of his own kind into a boring survival story for B'Elanna.

The b-story about Kim's crush on Seven was at least fun and gave Harry something to do. I'm not fond of Tom warning Harry off Seven because she's a Borg as only two episodes ago Tom gave Seven a speech about how he wants to help her and doesn't judge her. It made things feel disjointed.

A shuttle appeared in this episode and since I can't take points away from it I'm just going to grumble about it. *grumbles*
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