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Re: What ship would you choose?

cwl wrote: View Post
but the klingons did win the war- & that is all that matters.

long live the Glorious Klingon Empire
Ah, but to paraphrase Kahless the unforgettable; to win a war that will result in the destruction of the empire is no victory. After all the being who led the Klingons into battle was not a Klingon at all

The repercussions of a war always matter. If Cardassia had not been thrown into chaos due to the destruction of the Obsidian Order and had been able to mobilize their military fully then they might have been able to force a stalemate or even a defeat that would have led to a Klingon withdrawal and pervented the Dominion from using a weakened Cardassia as a staging post.

And going back to the OT, I would also go for a Romulan Warbird.
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