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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

First of all, I thought it was excellent and I can't wait to see next season!

But sometimes I wonder if I am watching a different show than you folks.

- Juliet. I am very much hoping she's dead because she is my least favorite character. But even if she weren't and even if I thought she was hot, why do you guys like her so much? First she just followed Jack around with that annoying look on her face and now she just follows Sawyer around. She serves no purpose, is just "there" and getting in the way. Even if I didn't hate her I wouldn't be upset at her possible death because she doesn't add anything to the show anyway.

- Jacob. He seems like a huge prick to me. His enemy is as well. They both seem like heartless bitches. "What about you?" Man that was so mean! The worst possible thing you could say to Ben. I felt really bad for Ben in that moment. All his life he has been craving male parental attention, craving acceptance and for someone to be proud of him. And all the male figures in his life who he looks up to totally ignore him and treat him like shit. So either Jacob is an egotistical idiot or he wanted Ben to kill him.

- Locke. I saw that some of you were upset about the real Locke being dead all this time because you liked the way he acted as leader this season. I have to really disagree there. I hated Locke this season, he was such an arrogant jerk! Sometimes he would be okay, seeming confident and sure of his purpose, but then he would say or do something that made him seem really heartless and evil. The new Locke was not a nice guy and I'm happy to find out that it wasn't actually Locke.

- The bomb. I didn't think Jack's reasoning was all that crazy. I don't think he explained it well to Sawyer, but it seems to me like the attitude that he and the rest of them have (after they changed their minds) is that they basically have nothing to lose. Things have gone seriously wrong and either they are going to be involved in some crazy Incident or they are likely going to be killed by the Dharma folks. They could run away and live with Rose and Bernard but it looks like none of them would be satisfied with that. So their choices are be killed/live miserably, or drop the bomb and possibly die but also have a chance that things actually work out and all this misery would be undone. I would have done it! Their reasoning could be explained well by the phrase "fuck it."

I yelled out with joy when I saw Vincent! I have been wondering all season where he was. Now we know about him and Rose and Bernard and I felt happy for them. I'd like to be in their position.

A little too much love triangle stuff this episode, but it was okay because it seemed like they were wrapping it up for the most part. Jack and Kate belong together and Juliet and Sawyer belonged together, that seemed clear by the end of the episode and after the little talk that Jack and Sawyer had. So hopefully there will be little to no focus on this next season.

I don't know what will end up happening with the time travel. Where or when they get transported, if they die, if that was the actual Incident or if they changed time, I have no idea. I'm not even going to try and make any guesses on that front. Just wait until next season.

I think that's all I have to say for now!

ETA: Oh wait, I thought of more to add.

I feel confident that Jacob's enemy dude has been the smoke monster, and that he can take the form of the dead bodies on the island, which is why he was Christian for a while. I also think that he inhabited the bodies of Rouseau's pals, which is why they were acting different and weird. When they got sucked into that hole in the ground they died and came back out as the enemy dude. This could be why he killed others as well, like Eko, so he could take their bodies (but didn't end up using them).
Time present and time past
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