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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 19: (Ending 05.16.93)
TNG: Suspicions (Airdate 05.10.93)
DS9: If Wishes Were Horses (Airdate 05.16.93)

Well, at least Crusher got something do this week. Meh, I dunno what it is, but Suspicions is just so incredibly dull. I never get into the Murder Mystery because, well, I just never get interested in the metawhas'it shielding or the people involved in it. Maybe Crusher wasn't the best choice to be a focal point for the story, but whatever.

Does this mean IWWH is the better episode? Ugh, as much as it pains me to say it, but I can at least say I was entertained by portions of it, and it ended with a very pro-Trek idealistic exchange between Sisko and Bokai. Unfortunately, station-jeopardy plot was overdone -does anyone really believe it was in danger when it has escaped immanent destruction twice this season already? I'd rather have more goofy imagination shenanigans like Submissive Dax () than people on fire. (and you have to wonder if ANYONE figured that baseball would go on to become such a signifcant prop!)

So, it looks like in another battle of the Meh Episodes, DS9 wins again. It seems to have better Meh Episodes.

Weekly Winner

Next Week:
TNG - Rightful Heir
DS9 - The Forsaken
DS9 Versus
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