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Re: What ship would you choose?

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I was always left with the impression the Galaxy Class ships were flawed and weak in combat.

Why would the Borg lie?

"Captain Jean-Luc Picard, you lead
the strongest ship of the
Federation Starfleet. You speak
for your people."

-BOBW Part I

The Ent-D always aquitted itself in well in combat. Those K'vort class BOP in Yesterday's Enterprise were huge and had a 3:1 advantage. Also Riker boasts of the recent "pasting" the Klingons recieved at Archer IV. The only firefight I will not accept is one in Rascals. That was complete crap.

The Galaxies were kicking serious ass in the Dominion war.
The Titanic was also supposed to be the strongest of the fleet for the White Star line company too if I remember correctly.

Don't remember Rascals but what was wrong with that episode ?

I don't have any memory of the Galaxy kicking tail. To me its a ship designed to explore and carry alot of civilians/family. I just can't see a design of that type being a badasss in combat.

As for the Dominion war what examples do you know that would validate it kicking butt ? All I know of is the few seconds of screen time on TV during DS9.
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