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Re: STXI DVD/Blu-ray special features wishlist

I was just watching the STAR TREK GENERATIONS - SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD Disc 2 and really enjoyed the 1994 interviews with Shatner, Montgomery Scott, & Pavel Chekov from 'Orbital Skydiving' in the deleted scenes section that were shot on the on-location and the behind-the-scenes footage. Sure it is basic video footage from 1994 but I'm glad Paramount went into the vault for it.
They also used the Paramount property CBS Studios' owned "Entertainment Tonight" footage from the movie's 1994 premeire (actual red-carpet interviews and arrivals) in the "Uniting Two Legends" featurette

'A Tribute To Matt Jefferies' interviews looks like it was shot on high-end Digital Videotape (standard def. widescreen 16x9). Really enjoyed the 2003 interview with Jefferies himself. Crisp, great contrast & great looking video.

I haven't seen all of the Special Collector's Editions but now plan to after seeing what Paramount made in 2004.
Hell now I even want to see Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Special Collector's Edition) for the second disc...
I just added all Disc 2s of the Special Collector's Editions to my Netflix Que.

No matter what Special Features are to be done for a bare-bones edition and a Special Collector's edition of Star Trek XI they will all be done in High Definition for Blu-ray. Hopefully all of the behind-the-scenes were shot in HD. For us fans that is really a treat. A first actually.
A Star Trek film's behind-the-scenes footage and on-set 2007 and promotional 2009 interviews shot in HD.

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