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Re: Fri, 8pm Join the Resistance - Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Still the TV show is so unrelated to the events in the movie continuity its a moot point anyway. At best FOX might see an episode or two spike should it return for the Fall but unless it somehow retools it'll just drop back off.
Depends on where you are. Overseas TSCC is being promoted as the direct prequel to Terminator Salvation (more so connected than the novels).

Not to burst anyone's bubble but, personally, I hate the Terminator Wiki supported by Fox. Terminator Wiki on wikia is better and more accurate.
It is only located on, was elsewhere before, it is all fans there and personally I am only in the discussion threads. If you look at the fox pages which also are accessible from the terminatorwiki you can see they have their own pages also, in addition to the wiki. It is the biggest meeting place for tscc fans, some of the other fan pages seem to have ---well lets say some of those mods in them are a bit eccentric. The talk is more anarchist or free in terminatorwiki but eventually those only trolling are guided out.
If you are a fan, the map they make on Friday might actually help the show as if there are foreign tv bosses looking at the map (and since the fans can well direct them there, it is a good chance), they might want to buy the show for more viewers from their respective countries.
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