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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

Man what a great episode! I think whatever is in the guitar case Jacob gave to hurley will be the key to either prevent things from being completely reset or some that will be able to stop The Adversary, let's call him Esau, since biblically he is the brother of Jacob, fraternal twin actually. Although I'm seeing comparisons to the Heroes finale where they killed a character off (if Locke is indeed dead) but still have the actor stick around

Otherwise, great ep! And to all the people saying they're done with the show, you'll be back next year for the final season and you know it. I thought I heard in an interview Damon and Carlton said they were gonna end similar to The Sopranos finale, which they kind of did, cept they cut to white instead of black

Fork in the electrical sockett this was indeed! Too bad Jacob actually wasn't a 60 ft man made of flames, although he was on fire haha

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