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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

After an awesome season I was disappointed by this episode, gave it a below average. Too much love triangle plot in there. Jack is going to detonate a nuke because he failed with Kate? What? Why even bother telling Dr. Chang about the future if he's just going to be ineffective, standing around yelling at people who are clearly ignoring him.

Was disappointed with Jacob. Putting him, forest gump like, in to key events in the losties did nothing for me. The opening with him on the beach with his adversary was interesting though. I was guessing Locke was in the box, but I was hoping it wasn't him because I liked the new Locke. Now that he's dead, he's basically the eternal sucker. Suckered from beginning to the end, and now his corpse is being carried around like a trophy. Poor guy.

I dunno, this episode was just not that interesting. It almost feels like the finale was given back to the writers of the crappy season two writers or something. The one positive thing is that it doesn't particularly bother me how long it's going to be before the next season starts. I really don't care what happens next right now.
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