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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

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This is my first Lost finale in 2 years where I don't know any spoilers, it's actually kind of exciting, I can see why people avoid spoilers!
i have tried to read the spoilers and they don't make any sense anyways.
I thought the same thing. I usually get a few spoilers so that I can set up these threads and what I did get made no sense.

Then as I watched, I found that nothing made sense.

Now I'm done watching and nothing makes sense.

Gertch was right! They did pull a Starbuck with Locke! Does this mean he's really dead and that this guy who looks like Locke is an imposter? Looks like he's that other guy we saw with Jacob at the beginning. And who's this Jacob fella anyway?

Also, I think we can guess that our gang in 1977 will be brought back to the present at the beginning of next season.

I thought we were supposed to get a major death. It looked like it would be Juliet, but that didn't happen.

Now I have to read all your comments.
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