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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

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Now that episode was AWESOME, EXCELLENT

What a cliffhanger! I think that cliffhanger is better than the "Riker: Fire" cliffhanger from TNG. Cause here, we are left hanging as to whether this resets the timeline or not.
With Star Trek though, you only had to wait about 4 months to find out the conclusion. With LOST, we're going to be waiting at least twice that.

And they aren't going to reset the timeline. Why, after setting up all that stuff with the Alana and the Ajira flight people and Jacob's mysterious frenemy and Ghost Locke and Jacob's death and the million other things, would they just reset everything and not follow through with that? Because all that would be "reset" as well. We got 100 new questions this episode and a reset would essentially deny us answers to many of those.
Which is why I'm done with this show. The writers have no idea what they're doing. They don't know how to tell a story. They set up these great mysteries for ratings purposes only with no idea what the mysteries mean, then they write bullshit and try to fill in the gaps and it just turns out to be anticlimactic. Then the bastards take the better part of a year off?? 2010?? WTF??!!!
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