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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

4/4 Much better than the last finale and probably better than "Looking Glass" too!

I guess I should have known Jacob would die since they were finally explaining and showing him. Sigh. The most fascinating part of this is Jacob and "The Adversary" I am choosing to call him. An eternal ying and yang seeking to kill one another. Finally the Adversary found his loophole by taking the form of undead Locke and luring the Native Leader (who Ben must be again if Locke is dead) into killing Jacob.

So who are the Ilana people? The way Jacob said "they're coming", makes me think that he's referring to Ilana or someone that will come to the Island now because he has died. Could Ilana be part of Jacob's immortal race? She seemed to know who Jacob was (only she didn't have the power).

Perhaps out of the immortal race only two are chosen to have the power, Jacob and the Adversary. Ilana and her group are part of the race yet have no power themselves.

Why would Cerebus tell Ben to blindly follow the words of the Adversary posing as Locke? Is the Advesrary the controller of Cerebus? Are they the same thing? In either case it appears that Cerebus is in opposition to Jacob. Or easily fooled.

The entire Jack-Plan just seemed completely asinine to me. They're going to detonate a hydrogen bomb in front of their faces and think they'll be okay?! Or did they willingly realize that they themselves would die and a different them would still survive elsewhere? Because that sounds like a terrible plan to me...

Sigh. Why they gotta kill Juliet? I liked her.

And why the hell can't they show what happened when the bomb went off! Christ! I'm choosing to believe it launches them back to the future.

I loved all the little flashbacks to Jacob intervening in their lives. I could immediately guess which character it was, fun fun! So might there be some cosmic signifigance to the guitar he gave to Hurley? Perhaps he hid his katra in the guitar!

Will Sayid die? Better not!

Actually come to think of it, I think the characters might stay in 1977. We never saw Annie again and she's supposed to be important. We never learned the circumstances of Horace building Jacob's Cabin or why Jacob was in that cabin. We never saw Chang loose his arm (only his hand/wrist was hit by the metal, right?).
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