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Re: Self-Portrait as a Cardassian

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Art Deco examples I love off-hand:
The top of the Chrysler Building
The Chanin Building
The Oakland Paramount
The Golden Gate Bridge towers
The Nebraska State Capitol

It should be pointed out to those with only casual interest who might be reading this a lot of what people claim is Art Deco isn't. Some people mistakenly lump various styles from the 20's into the space age together, like thinking Googie architecture is deco. It ain't. Streamline Moderne is a related but parellel style inspired by steamlined aircraft and automobiles, typically long and low and lacks much of the deco "gingerbread", though elements from both tended to cross into each other.
Ah, DS9Sega, youbeat me to it! You nailed all but one of mine: the New India Assurance Buidling. Overlooked gem, IMO.

I'm also quite fond of Streamline Modern.
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