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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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If I may add another comment to the topic of the movie, what I seem to be noticing is that, at least based on what I've seen, a lot of those who didn't find the movie enjoyable had expected to and those who had expected not to like it did. Maybe it's a case of how high expectations are difficult to reach and exceed, but low expectations provide a pleasant surprise when they're surpassed.
I didn't buy into the hype until about a week or two before going to see it and it was only because of all the tremendous reviews it was getting. When large groups of people said it is better than Wrath of Khan I expected something around that level, I didn't expect what we got. I probably did have my expectations set too high.

Nemesis (***)

Keep your top low and your glimpse wide.
Shut up!! Shut up, just shut the hell up! Speak like a normal person because as it is you are insufferable. You're almost as annoying as Neelix!

My basic take on this episode is that it was good but the way the aliens talked made me want to strangle every single one of them. It was toned down after a while, but those early scenes were tough to get through. Even though I remembered the twist while watching the episode I still enjoyed it, and Chakotay's difficulty letting go of his hatred even when he knows everything he went through was a lie made for a good ending. The episode was no Apocalypse Now, but at least the ending didn't devolve into a poetry reading.

Shuttles Lost: 7

What the hell? That is three episodes in a row where a shuttle has been destroyed, this is the clumsiest group of space travellers in the history of eternity. Could they not have spaced out these episodes a little better? Minus half a star.
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