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Re: What ship would you choose?

curson wrote: View Post
It depends what the question implies.
Did you mean a ship that is mine (read: I'm the captain) with a full crew? Then it would be probably a Sovereign class or an Akira Class, nice and comfy. A Prometheus Class would be fun too!
Did you mean a ship that is just for me, and thus that I should be able to manage alone (with just the help of the computer), than a nice customized Defiant Class, with an holodeck and some leisure space added instead of some of the crew quarters. If that is too expensive , I'll go for a nice Danube Class runabout: those things are awesome if well configured, I can see them as space salon, more or less a good Audi A8 equivalent

I'd kill for a Negh'var battlecruiser though... but let's stay into the Federation and stay pratical. Yeah, right!
I should have been a bit more clear, sorry. You would have a full crew complement to command and go where you'd want to.

cwl wrote: View Post
well I've always loved the Klingon BoP- but I'd want the one that can fire cloaked. I'm sure I could find out a way to avoid gas-seeking torpedos.
Then I'd stay away from the beans.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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