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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Just saw the movie last night with my wife (who is not a ST fan). We both enjoyed the movie immensely!

Here are a few of my observations - The "look" of the movie seemed to be a fair blend of NuBSG (camera shake), Star Wars (old Spock's "Jellyfish" ship and Scotty's little side-kick) and TOS homages - an interesting combination, but it worked for me.

The actors - Greenwood was awesome as Pike! Karl Urban was superb as McCoy (even my wife commented in that regard) and I thought Pine was a great non-Shatnified Kirk. I liked Pegg as Scotty, though he seemed a bit hyper. I was a bit disappointed in Quinto as Spock (though he certainly looks the part). Not too keen on the actors portraying Sulu and Chekov. Uhura was great! Nero - Meh, Bana seemed manic-depressive - nice makeup, though. Leonard Nimoy did a nice job as an elder Spock.

The Enterprise seems HUGE! Fitting for the flag-ship of the fleet. I also liked the glimpses of other the other starships - some interesting designs. I was somewhat disappointed in engineering - it looked more like a sewage treatment plant than the engine room of a starship. The bridge was nicely done, though a bit on the bright side.

The plot was interesting and entertaining. Not quite sure about sucking Vulcan into a black hole, but it is a reboot after all. Certainly, I found the story gripping - it held me all the way through.

A few things I found odd - why jettison Kirk to Delta Vega, why not throw him in the brig? And the monster chase on said planet was kinda cheesy. Then, Kirk happens to end up in the one cave on an ENTIRE PLANET where Spock happens to be hanging out. Plausible? Not really. But beside the aforementioned and a few minor nit-picks, I loved the movie. And, for the first time since I saw the original Star Wars (Ep. 4) back in 1977, I plan to go see it a second time. I almost never see a movie twice in theatre.

Can't wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray!
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