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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Frankly, Abrams made a far better film than any of you could
I don't get this attitude at all. I can't cook as well as Gordon Ramsay, but I know a shit sandwich tastes like shit.

Not that Trek 11 is wholly analagous to a shit sandwich. Just saying, it's absurd, and a total non argument to point out that a bunch of opinionated dudes on a Trek forum are incapable of directing a multi million dollar summer blockbuster. Doesn't make a negative view any less valid than a positive one. Is Joss Whedon the only person qualified enough to dislike a TV show?

A few posters were quite rightly complaining earlier on that some people can't seem to criticise the film without having a dig at, or insulting the intelligence of those who happened to enjoy it. Well, it goes both ways. Surely it's not hard to just accept that some folks simply didn't like the film as much as you did, without getting into a pissing match? Some people are even getting personal/hostile. It's insane.

It's just a fucking movie, people.
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