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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm Iruka, 32 and female, from Utah.

Growing up I had an aunt who had watched original Trek as a teenager, who showed me episodes in syndication and took me to see the movies in the theater; she and I watched almost every episode of TNG as it aired. Besides that, she introduced me to the Trek novels of Diane Duane and bought me my first movie novelizations, and I learned to love reading by plowing through Trek novels - both TOS and TNG, as they came out in the late '80s and early '90s - by the dozens. About the time TNG ended, I outgrew Trek (or so I thought...), gave away my dozens of novels, and spent a decade or so watching anime instead. I caught a few episodes of Voyager and saw Generations in the theater and First Contact on DVD, but until recently I hadn't seen a single episode of DS9, and knew nothing about developments in the last two movies.

About nine months ago, for some reason, I got interested again, and have been catching up by watching Insurrection and Nemesis and reading up on the Dominion War. I've started collecting novels again in earnest, and now own TNG seasons 4-7 and TOS season 1 on DVD, though I haven't rewatched all of them yet. Although I enjoy all the TNG characters (my favorite series, since it's the one I grew up with!), Deanna Troi is indisputably my favorite; as I see it, though underused, she was one of the few characters who actually underwent character development in the course of the series, and it's especially easy to see in episodes like "Disaster" and "Thine Own Self," two of my favorites.

I've been working on a number of Troi-centered fanfics for the past few months, some of which are finally ready to see the light of day on alt.startrek.creative, but I've got lots to say here, too. (I see you already have a nice Troi-related thread going, so I will just skip over there!)

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