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Re: PICTURE THIS!!! - The new picture thread of YOU!

So, is this a "pet-owners only" thread, or can anyone join in?

I may as well use this thread as an excuse to post some of my photos from my trip to Europe last year.

Here's one of me at the Temple of Zeus in Athens:

Here's a view of Athens from the Acropolis:

This is a photo of me embracing my inner nerd (which is really not so "inner") at King's Cross railway station in London.

Next is a castle and moat in a somewhat rural area of the Netherlands. Yeah, the castle had a name, but it was in Dutch, and there was no way I was gonna remember that.

And last (for now) is a picture of me in Amsterdam, but you could probably figure that out on your own.

That's all I'll put up for the time being, but I do have more that I may post later.

Oh, and, uh, since a few more of these pictures were taken in Greece and Amsterdam, I feel I should probably ask: what's the board's policy on obvious phallic imagery?

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