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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hi Crusher Disciple, love your current avatar, I thought he was the sexiest in the movie.

Same story with me. I stayed the hell away from everything remotely related to ST XI until I saw it yesterday.

I don't know how much time I'll spend in this subforum yet but at least, can I just say that I think the negationist attitude ("This movie isn't Star Trek") is silly? It's denial.
The people who make these shows are laughing at those who let it make them unhappy. Unless they thrive on ranting.
But enough of that, this is the welcome thread.
HUGE_Trek_Girl wrote: View Post
How are y'all doing!!!!

I'm new here and am a HUGE fan of the entire Star Trek series as well as the CSI shows.

I'm probably the BIGGEST Star Trek fan here.
You don't want to boast about loving things too much around here.
You're gonna get snarky comments. There is more posting from hating than from loving. It's a huge, crazies-ridden, open forum, not a private, crazies-ridden, fan club. So you have to have a tough hide so as to not drop out.

Because everywhere you go, however much in common you have with a particular group, differences and disagreements are going to stick out more than similarities and agreements.

Welcome to the loony bin, HUGE Trek girl, and good luck with your expectations.
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