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Re: Deck Plans VI: The Undiscovered Bowling Alley

Posted by John Byrne:

Since Roddenberry (retconning, imho) claimed that the holodeck was part of
his original plans for the show, and only the limitations of technology
prevented him for showing it aboard the original Enterprise, I will
suggest that the "bowling alley", if there was one, would be located there,
so as not to waste space!

Wait. How... would limitations in special effects technology prevent the holodeck in TOS?

Let's think about this.

It's a room that creates a holographic simulaiton of reality. So if you want to visit The Old West, you put in an Old West program. Or if you want to take a walk in a grass covered park, you put in the Grass Covered Park program.

What exactly is the technology limitation? Make a big empty room.
Do a 'shimmery' effect like they did with The Cage. (Basically the transporter effect for the week)
Presto! You're in a holographic simulation!
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