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Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

Overall, I liked the score. Then again, I am pretty easy to please when it comes to movie scores to movies that I enjoyed (or probably will enjoy).

I like the "main theme" of the movie (Track 1). Although it sounds like it should be in a Batman movie, I think it fits Star Trek well. In other threads, people were bitching (surprise, surprise) that the theme is too short and simplistic. It may not be as complex as other themes out there, but it is still a beautiful piece of music that has an epic sound to it, imho.

I also love the "build up to something cool" theme (if it could be called that). To what I am referring to appears in "Enterprising Young Men" and at the end of "That New Car Smell."

I think it is too early to tell how it will stand up to the other great themes of the Trek movies (personally, I think all are pretty great and classic). However, just from my initial reaction, I don't think it can hold a candle to Goldsmith (particularly his TMP score).
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