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To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

Since I didn't see a thread on this, I thought there should be a thread discussing Michael Giaachino's brilliant score for Star Trek. For those unawares, Giacchino is the talented and ambitious composer behind such scores as The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible III, Speed Racer and has done music for Abrams institutions Lost and Alias as well as contributed the musical scores for the Metal of Honor games.

I purchased his score for Trek a few days ago and lately that's all I've been able to listen to. Yes, his score is suitably bombastic, but it is jam-packed full of emotion and excitement. I absolutely love how he incorporates Alexander Courage's original TV show theme very subtly in the track "Nero Death Experience" towards the end and then full-on for the "End Credits". His theme for the film, as heard in the first track, "Star Trek", and carried on throughout the score, is brilliant when played soft and gentle, and rousing when played loud and crass. In fact, the first few tracks of the score are probably the best, and like the film, it kind of slows down and lessens as the score progresses, but it still has enough memorable music to fill in the quieter tracks like "Nice To Meld You" and "That New Car Smell" to make it worth your listen.

So, what did everyone think of the film's score and how do you think it measures up to the works of Courage, Jerry Goldsmith, and other past Trek composers?
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