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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

This film gets an A.

Excellent it is, but also superior for achieving success in the face of what otherwise seemed to be the certain demise of the franchise we love. I grew too accustomed to expecting the worst from the most recent offerings of B&B. This iteration, though, is the best present for a fan whose heart has been broken and hopes dashed far too often. This vision of loveliness is the Trek resurrected, a breath of new life.

TOS rocks the hardest. I love these characters, and would follow them to the mirror universe, an alternate timeline, a sequel or new series, wherev. Vulcan and nuAmanda will be dearly missed, like I miss MISS Jane Wyatt.

nUhura might now have a chance at escaping Nomad erase her mind, or discovering a different answer to "what do you need?" Purple what? nuScotty is totally hilarious without even downing any scotch or playing up bagpipes. nuChekov, what a doll! The meteoric ascent of The Kirk Unit shows he remains one man in a million in any timeline.

Favorites come and go for me. For now, my fave is Star Trek 11. Sometimes, it has been Star Trek 3. I see in another thread it continues to be the favorite of a few. T'Bonz, I love you for that. Spock was reborn then. All of the Trek is reborn now, and this time we get two Spocks. Lucked out there!

Despite the claims to the contrary, nuTrek imparts lessons, continuing the tradition. For instance, this film reminds us how to cope with murderous lunatics. All Nero did was totally nuts. Troubled was an understatement. He was DANGEROUSLY INSANE, just like Larry Marvick, Dr. Lester, or even Caesar Nero.

What else can I say? The scenes were vivid, the soundtrack a mellifluous masterwork, and the new ship BOSS. Courage's theme was with us for Trek's birth. We're finally treated to it again at its rebirth.

Where was it I learned that history is replete with turning points? I have faith that the Trekiverse will unfold as it should. Those few who pretend they hate this film must seriously hate the Trek and / or themselves. Dikkheads all.

From the Delta Quadrant with Love,
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