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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]


(And I'm an old time fan who saw season 3 of TOS first run on NBC and has been watching Star Trek ever since).

The filme was definitely a good change of pace from previous outing and was a nice breath of 'freash air' (imo). One of the things I really enjoyed about this film was that the plot points weren't just perfectly laid out and explained by lame techno-bable dialog like we probably would have gotten had Berman still been in charge.

I remained 100% spoiler free. So, when the Romulan ship first appears I was wondering "Okay, is this some Romulan military plot, or what?" It's not until Kirk finds Spock on Delta Vega that I got the backstory; which was presented in a quick, entyertaining way; and sorry, after hearing what happened - I saw no problem with Nero's and his crew's motivations (some folks have stated they made no sense) as the loss of their families and their world; and being thrown 154 years in the past; sent them ALL over the edege; and now, stuck in the past, they want the Vulcan who failed in his promise to suffer as they have; and further, to (in their eyes) help protect and preserve the Romulan Empire that exists where they are now.

Do I have some quibbles with the film? You bet; but no more than I have with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (which was ALSO an entertaining Star Trek film).

What are these quibbles:

1) 'Delta Vega (at least in te original timeline) was the planet a mere light days from the edge of the galaxy where Kirk hoped to maroon Gary Mitchell. THAT planet give Spock a clear, unobstructed view of Vulcan?! (As for Scotty being there; hey it had a Lithium cracking station in the original timeline - so it seems to still have it in this one; no harm no foul).

2) Montgomery Scott created a 'Transwap Beaming Formula'; that allows people to be beamed across the Galaxy in the 23rd century - and it works; yet we NEVER saw it used in the 24th?!

3) At the end of the film, 'Spock Prime' seems a bit too accepting of this alternate timeline. Is he getting senile; as the Spock I know would be working on a way to fix this and restore/return to his own time (and with Vulcan destroyed in this alternate timeline; I'd think he'd have ample motivation to try SOMETHING).

Still a very enjoyable film; and I do hope they continue with another wholly original story; and DON'T fall into a trap of trying to re-make a TOS episode. If there was one large issue with Berman; it was that he tried to write lackluster Star Trek TV episodes and pass them off as feature films.
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