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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Just seen it and dam that is what STAR TREK needs to be in the 21st century and a fantastic start for the movie with that epic battle scene it kick it all off. I loved it the energy, pace, feel and sound of the mvie was just breathtaking, it was STAR TREK and something different all at once. I took 3 non TREK fans with me and they all liked it, one who is a massive Star Wars fan (hardest to please), two others also a big Star Wars fans to a lesser extent and seem to enjoy it the most out of the 3. One friend even said this is how a prequel should be and all said they would see sequels. This TREK movie does not need to create new fans for Trek as a whole but Movie TREK fans and it will succeed in that which will help the future sequels.

I was not brought up in the 60's, infact I was born in 1987 on May 11th so I don't have TOS in my childhood so my vision on this movie is not swayed like some. I was born the same year STAR TREK was reborned on TV with The Next Generation and that was my TOS and from then on I have seen every episode of every TREK from 1987 onwards and could never really turn back to TOS bar a few episodes though I did enjoy 5 of the 6 TOS cast movies and before this had (6 & 2 as my favourite movies). Today only 24 hours after my 22nd birthday I was lucky enough to be witness the rebirth of STAR TREK once again.

Thank You J.J Abrams and everone else who worked on the movie.

A GRADE (Excellent).
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