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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I'm saying, stop overthinking it and enjoy the ride.
No hate for the movie, just disappointment.

But this particular bit of advice? I get that a lot, and I do hate it.

There's a newspaper cartoon my girlfriend clipped out a few years back and pinned to our bulletin board. A couple's sitting in a movie theater, and the screen displays a big message: "Caution: Applying logic and plausibility to summer movies will only annoy you and those around you. Just let it go." The woman says to the man, "I think it's their way of telling you to shut up, dear."

It's a cute cartoon, but I can't do that. Whether or not anyone finds it annoying, or considers it "overthinking," logic and plausibility are standards I bring to pretty much any entertainment I approach. There's room for flexibility depending on the genre and style, of course (e.g., comedies play by different rules), but I can't set critical standards aside completely.

And one of the things I always loved about Star Trek—not always, but at its best—was that it didn't ask me to. It was a thinking person's show.
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