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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

The new Star Trek was a fun popcorn action movie. A nice summer blockbuster. I think it was a bit low on the drama, explorations and/or social commentaries. Lets say it was lower on that chapter than 12 Monkeys, Batman Returns or even The Island (comparable summer blockbuster action movies). I would call this movie Star Trek troopers. Because it remind me a lot about Starship Troopers, a movie which I also liked, in its scope.

It has great action and humor. As a Star Trek fan, I liked the way it introduced the characters that we already know. I liked the way they met each other I think it was done in a humorous way. The action was good and the general story was a bit simple, but was only a back story to introduce the Star Trek characters that we know in this reimagination.

I liked the parachute action sequence and the platform battle. The Uhura and Spock relationship was a nice twist. A Uhura/Kirk relationship would have been so predictable and lame. No relationship at all wouldn't have pleased hollywood executives. The battle inside the Nero ship was less good, but I liked the "I have your gun" line, even if in reality Kirk would probably have fallen in the pit. The Ice Planet monsters were ok too and a good way to introduce Spock, even if the coincidence is hard to believe. The transport at a great distance at warp speed was far fetched though. But having McCoy transported in a water tube was funny.

Overall it was an entertaining action popcorn movie with a good dose of humor.
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