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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

I was already in the process of making a post in the Trek XI topic when I realised that perhaps it's good manners to first introduce myself.

After months of reading along here with all the discussions (mainly about the new Trek) I finally decided to create an account and join the club here. I grew up on TNG when it first aired over here and rolled into DS9 after that. DS9, sadly, was lost on me at that age and after the pilot episode of VOY I decided not to bother anymore and just enjoy the movies, of which I think the TOS-based ones are the best. It was only years later with the dvd releases that I watched the rest of the Trek series (after which DS9 quickly became my favourite of the bunch) and became a full-fledged Trekaholic.

Anyway: hi again and let's see where this goes.
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