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Re: Another take on the Original Enterprise...

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But... "fueling it up?" Not so much. There is other software which CAN do that, but that's a different problem and requires a different means of solution. Propulsion systems... that's really out of the realm of this. At best, I can determine how fast the ship will spin out of control if the impulse engines aren't located properly!
Now that's something I'd be interested in seeing, especially given the seemingly random locations of impulse engines on Starfleet ships.
This is why I'm a big fan of multiple impulse-engine emplacements... something seen on the 1701-D and which I implemented on Vega... where you can simply adjust thrust on a per-unit basis to handle all of this... no "nozzle vectoring" required.

In the case of the 1701, we'll have to have some vectoring, upwards or downwards... meaning the ship may occasionally fly "nose down" if he cargo deck is heavily loaded (see the opening credit sequences, though, where it seems to be doing that!). But the nacelles are, combined, volumetrically equivalent to the secondary hull, and they're probably much more dense, so my assumption is that the ship will be pretty well balanced for its engine location. (And if it's not... just make the engines heavier!)
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