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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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We are going in circles.

You stated the qualities (read, attributes) of the original series was a more philosophical nature, yes?

I agreed. Trek has a philosophical tone to it, it possesses that attribute.

How is the attribute "Trek has a philosophical tone" now in debate when taken into concert? I am not following.
oh okay. I'm eating, watching MSNBC/TNG/the WH Congressional stuff/talking on the phone and posting. figures I got confused.

yes, Trek is philosophical. yes, we agree.

my point is that you can't hold this movie to the standards of the best Trek eps just as you cannot hold the worst trek eps responsible for bringing down the overall quality of Trek. the fact that Trek brings a certain aura of undeniable depth cannot stipulate that ALL Trek be that way. just as Spock's Brain was part of All-Trek (and a guilty pleasure in itself, at least for me), so is this movie.

the best part of this movie is the fact that it promises newer Trek of quality that we BOTH want. and, hopefully, now that this movie has been deemed a general success, we shall get that which we both want.
Ok, I understand now.


Yeah, I do hope the next Trek movie has some depth to it, but I remain pessimistic. JJ Abrams' track record is not stellar in this regard, and we must all remain aware that he is neither an intellectual or an artist. He is, above all else, a businessman and possesses a certain cunning as a result, but the things he produces/directs/writes will always be surfacey and appeal to the lowest common denominator. I have less respect for this guy than I do blokes like Spielburg, who at least put some soul into their films.

Let's just hope the next movie is appealing visually -and- has more substance
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