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Re: My argument for a Kahn sequel...

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I disagree.

I want to see something completely different and new, I don't want retreads of religious canon.

I would much prefer to see something where going in I have absolutely no clue about anyone. I want it all to be a surprise and new.

A new alien species maybe, anything but that which has already been.
How could a new alien species show up without time travel. The area of space within the Federation's range in the movie time period has already been well explored by the TNG era.
Try to follow along now. IT'S. A. DIFFERENT. TIMELINE. The possibilities are endless. Moreover, even if we were to adopt your narrow vision, not every single species has appeared onscreen. There are numerous "first contact" possibilities with a wide range of species that go on to join the Federation (or not). The current movie even provides a pre-text. With the loss of Vulcan, the Federation may well step up its exploration in search of potential allies.
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