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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Ah, not too bad, not too bad at all. Should be interesting to see those sets laid out in 3D. Do you plan to "wrap them up" in the actual ship, or are you just doing the innards?
I do plan to wrap them with the actual hull girders and hull plating. Basically, I'm not so much making pictures as I am building the ship, one piece at a time.

By the way, there's not a thing wrong with using any tool you know how to use! Some of the best 2D stuff we've seen in here has been done by people with nothing more than MSPaint!

It's more a matter of the thought process you're going through... the tool is just a tool.

I'll watch this with great interest. I'm finding it fascinating how many Enterprise threads there are right now... a few interested in figuring out the latest ship (which, to me, will never be THE Enterprise, it's "just another ship named Enterprise"), and several focusing on the original ship, or the second variation (which did keep most of the proportions of the classic ship, so it's still damned nice... but despite bookkeeping regulations, isn't the original ship in any meaningful way.)

I'd love to see this fleshed out fully. And AutoCAD is a fine tool for converting 2D prints into something 3D.
I played around with Blender, and the newer versions of 3D Studio Max (I have an ancient copy of 3D-Studio - before there were version numbers attached), but in the end I decided that I know AutoCAD very well so it is only natural to do the engineering work in there, and then port it to another application for high quality rendering/texturing. Once upon a time, a LONG time ago, I did a demo project in AutoCAD r10 (to demonstrate it's capabilities) of USS Excelsior. Plotted up very nice and beautiful and 2D. The 3D modeling engine in r10 was not really up to accomplishing the task of making a 3D model of something that complex. Unfortunately, I lost that and many other of my early projects when a HDD capacitor burned out. I still have the drive and the platters are still viable, but I've not had the $$ to get the data recovered.
One of my many other AutoCAD projects is converting 2D model ship plans (144th scale) into 3d-models of the hull and superstructure frame - which can then be printed out on paper and cut with a scroll-saw or the actual CAD plan fed to a CNC machine to cut out the precise parts to put together. 3D object modeling is my specialty, and I figured it was time to start building this ship. If it turns out well, I may apply the same technique to some other ships (Excelsior comes to mind, along with Oberth, though I'm not going to seriously look at starting any of those sorts of projects until this one is complete)
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