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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I saw the movie a second time in IMAX.

- Loved the intro even more. That part of the movie really captured the essense of TOS the way the Kelvin encounterd something strange out in deep space. THAT's pure Star Trek right there.

- I loved how they muted all the sound as the Kelvin was about to hit the Narada and played a musical piece over it. It created a very nice effect.

- I finally heard McCoy call out to Nurse Chapel.

- I found myself warming up to Bruce Greenwood's Captain Pike a lot more. Loved seeing him in that Motion Picture-style admiral's uniform too.

- I got a lot of other minor details I missed the first time.

- I started to entertain the possibility that the Vulcan we know wasn't the one that was destroyed in this movie and that the one we've always seen was actually the new planet they settled on. That idea kinda went away though.
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