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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Trek as a whole brings the philosophical depth, but not the movie. That is what I am referring to. Your love of this movie has an irrational basis in the sense that you are not viewing it in an objective way that fits into the spirit you stated (which was spot-on, btw), but in which the good foundation of Trek excuses the failings of the movie. That is not rational and is a lapse in logic.

Premise: John is a good man. He is good because he is caring and insightful. I like John because he is caring and insightful

John becomes abusive and ignorant

Conclusion: I like John because John is a good man?

See the lapse? The predicate good is contingent upon the predicates caring and insightful. Without the predicates caring and insightful we loose good, and the conclusion must be you DO NOT like John because he is NOT a good man. To attribute characteristics that an object was previously endowed with which it does not currently possess is illogical.

I think the core of the argument is that the predicates of the subject have changed in the perception of an unknown percentage of the community and to like an object for traits previously possessed is a lapse of logic.
of course I am not objective! that's my freakin' point!

I submit, though, that you aren't, either.
Ah, what human is truly objective? We only work with what we are given, and the limitations of perception and thought are many. I do wish I could lose my desire to be as objective as humanly possible, however, it would make some aspects of life somewhat less bitter. But I digress...

You should let the good feeling this movie brings you sit for a while and really investigate it, however. All good movies are only good movies when given some degree of scrutiny.
sure, that last point is definitely a good suggestion.

will do and report back... in ten years and 11 movies.
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