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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Trek as a whole brings the philosophical depth, but not the movie. That is what I am referring to. Your love of this movie has an irrational basis in the sense that you are not viewing it in an objective way that fits into the spirit you stated (which was spot-on, btw), but in which the good foundation of Trek excuses the failings of the movie. That is not rational and is a lapse in logic.
I'm curious... does this cover more than the person you're quoting? It just seems to be quite the attempt to be patronising, with some lazy writing causing some major plot holes.

But the performance was spot on.
Reason for favoring Trek over other popcorn action movies stated by Indranee: Trek, and by extension, Abrams Trek has a philosophical core those movies do not possess
My contention: Trek possesses said qualities, but the new movie does not. To attribute previous qualities to a present form which lacks them is a lapse in logic.
that's where you're wrong. just because YOU don't see said quality does not mean I do not either (or that doesn't exist). and as I pointed out, that's exactly your (in the plural, not just YOU) problem: lack of objectivity when it comes to THIS movie.

oh, and, I could've gotten angry at your said patronizing 'tude, dude, but I've been on this board too damned long.
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