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A Khan Sequel ?

I think some people are afraid to retread similar characters, but the producers of the Dark Knight didn't shy away from bringing the Joker character back as a lead villain, and I think the writers of Trek would be doing themselves a disservice to not bring back and update such a multi-layered character in Trek lore.

Only this time, instead of being hampered by a 12 million dollar budget like Harve Bennett and co. was, they will have ample money to spend to create locations and situations that we never got to see in the original Wrath of Kahn. Namely, a proper fight scene between Kirk and Kahn. I always thought that was just ridiculous the Shat and Ricardo Montalban never got screen time together in WOK. Your telling me they couldn't have at least had the two fight inside a corridor? Anyway, the point is with a bigtime budget, you could truly make Kahn and his followers that much more menacing. I also think another element needs to be in play. Double the danger. Maybe Kahn aligns himself with the Klingons? Maybe Kahn steals the Enterprise altogether? So many possibilities.

But seriously, people would come to the theatre in droves to see a sequel with Kahn as a headliner. Even those who are saying right now they don't like the idea of bringing him back, would indeed be first in line.

Oddly enough, a week ago, I told my brother the only actor I could see even holding a candle to Ricardo Montalbans performance would be Javier Bardem. Glad to see the writers see it the same way. He has the menacing look one would need to pull it off, as well as the acting chops. Bardem could play Kahn more like what Montalban did in Space Seed, very serious with less focus on one liners.

Anyone agree Kahn should be in a sequel?
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