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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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The character development in Star Trek is much better than in either of the other two. Star Trek's plot is its weakest element, but that's hardly a new development for Trek movies (not an excuse, merely an observation). I enjoyed ID4 as a summer popcorn movie (much like I enjoyed Star Trek) but I found Star Trek a superior film (though certainly not perfect). As for Armageddon, I did not connect with any of the characters, so, consequently, I did not enjoy it all that much. I'd rewatch ID4 but it's unlikely I'd revisit Armageddon.
I suggest to you that there was not any more character development in Star Trek than the other movies I mentioned. I suggest to you that you only think there was because the many, many hours of development that came before this movie, but don't really count because that was an alternative universe.
duh. and that was the point of nuTrek anyway.

congratulations, you finally got it.

I really don't mean to pick on you, but your argument seemingly boils down to: A bad movie or one that is a guilty pleasure is automatically better if it's called Star Trek.
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