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Re: OMFG MASSIVE SPOLIERS: NeoTrek Engine Musings

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Very interesting input on the technology of the engines, guys.

Is it taboo to post your opinions of Trek XI in the forum for that film? I really don't mind that you don't think highly about it - that's your opinion. I don't see why it should go everywhere but there.
Well, I won't go into that forum because that forum is universally hostile to anyone who doesn't stick to the party line. M'Sharak has closed down (without any "board rules" justification) more threads than anyone else, just because he, personally, doesn't care for the topic. He banned me for discussing ST-XI in the ST-XI forum, in a thread discussing parallels between "Watchmen" and ST-XI, because I was "derailing the thread." Derailing a thread in the ST-XI forum, by talking about ST-XI in that forum. Amazing. The guy is a real prize, a person who enjoys the fact that he has power he can abuse. And those who happen to agree with him even create "go team go" threads to congratulate him for driving away any opinions but his own. It's obscene.

This particular forum, on the other hand, is about "Trek Tech." And in this thread, we discuss Trek Tech. Let's see... "Engine room design?" Yep, that's Trek Tech. "Many Universes" theory... yep, that's Trek Tech. The results of a ship being hulled? Yep, that's Trek Tech. What, specifically, is there in this discussion which has not been "Trek Tech" related?
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