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Re: OMFG MASSIVE SPOLIERS: NeoTrek Engine Musings

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The way I see it, though, is that we're stuck with this movie. As inexplicable as some of the tech might be, it's now part of Trek canon. We have to find a way to integrate it. Luckily, I don't think it was so far out of whack that it can't be explained in somehow.

I only hope the next movie won't introduce more tech inconsistencies.
If you seriously think that, you haven't been watching very long, have you?

The GOOD thing about how this movie was handled is that it is not, in fact, "canon." Not at all. Basically, as far as "canon" is concerned, Nero and Spock disappear in the late 24th or early 25th century, and that's that. None of what you're seeing in this new movie ever happened "in canon."

What you've got here is a totally unrelated universe, which can (and undoubtedly will) deviate in any way which JJ and his guys have a whim to make it deviate. If they decide that "warp drive" allows literally instantaneous travel from one orbit to another, regardless of distance... they can do that and nobody can stop 'em. If they decide that "phasers" actually are squirt-guns firing "phaser-juice" at people... they can do that. If they decide that Kirk and Olson were having a hot-and-heavy-gay-relationship before his death.. they can do that. They can do whatever they want. And, based upon choices like "destroy Vulcan" and "make Spock and Uhura get it on" and so forth... not to mention production-design issues all around... I have no confidence whatsoever that they won't.

SO... your choice is simple. Enjoy these movies for what they are... movies that are NOT CANON, and are effectively unrelated to the Trek we've all known except for recycling of a few style items and a few character names (and only one who's really doing a good recreation of the original character - Urban is great, isn't he?).

Realize that we don't have to make any of this fit with anything... because it's not going to. Abrams has screwed up any chance of that. He COULD have tried to make this feel like it was "Star Trek done better" but he changed waaaay too much for no other reason than "well, I CAN."

But this is freeing at the same time that it's disappointing. This is a new show... three movies, max... in what is, effectively, another "mirror universe" but one further removed from the "real" Trek universe than that one was. So nothing... NOTHING.. that happens in the "AbramsTrek" continuity has any impact whatsoever on the Star Trek continuity. Nothing in AbramsTrek that disagrees, stylistically or technologically, with Star Trek style, technology, history, etc, has any impact whatsoever on the Star Trek continuity. Except, of course, for Nimoy-Spock being in that other universe.

I don't accept the bullshit "many universes is real science" line. Simply because it was mentioned in a TNG episode and because a few people with a science background have fantasies about this... there is ZERO mathematical, zero experimental, and zero observational evidence that this is the case, or could be the casee. I believe that there's one universe... a "dimension" is simply a unit of measure for determining your position within that universe. Not just the three coordinate dimensions we typically think of, but also time (and certainly many more which we don't perceive. Effectively, the entire, start to finish, universe exists... and we're just "sliding down a slope of time." Going to another time is fundamentally no different from going to another X, Y, or Z coordinate. You can interrupt things "downstream" from where you are, of course... but if you did that, well... "you always did it."

SO... from my perspective... with what we saw in this movie... the classic Trek universe has been destroyed and replaced by this "NuTrek" universe. Fortunately, it's fictional, so we can pretend otherwise. Especially since guys who I sincerely doubt passed High School Physics much less have any advanced science background are telling us "that's real science there."

I choose to simply ignore this movie as far as "Real Star Trek Continuity" is concerned. It "never happened." Maybe it's all a hallucination Spock's having as he falls into the black hole...
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