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Re: The Princess and the Frog trailer

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Frogs aren't fuzzy, but they are animals.

All the talk about 2D vs. 3D misses the mark, I think, regarding the primary audience, ie, children. They don't really make decisions about what movies they want to see along those lines, and it's not like they're biassed against 2D anyway (pretty much all the cartoons they watch are 2D).

I disagree. One of the things that has always set the Disney full length animated films apart from the rest of the cartoon movies out there is that they were meant to be enjoyed by adults as well as children. They've got adult messages as well as childhood morals. They teach lessens while entertaining. Even their less serious movies, like Emperor's New Groove, still had plenty of adult humor. So I don't think the opinion of the children is really the selling point with these big 2-D movies.

The bottom line for me is that it just doesn't feel like a big Disney movie. I may be proved wrong, but from the previews I've seems more on a level with movies like Anastasia than Lion King or Mulan.
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