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Re: Obama orders a review of NASA's plan to return to the Moon

Well, this just prove my theory all along that it is the Left who, in all their ultimate wisdom, can't see the benefits the NASA program has achieved over the years.

Note that it was Bush who wanted to go back to the Moon. Just like JFK did in 1961.

Fuck the current budgetary problems. That's a temporary thing. We'll get back on our feet one day....when Obama is long and gone...not before...and if NASA is indeed cut, then we'll wonder what the fuck we did back in the early 2010s.

But all this goes back to the liberal montra..."Don't spend all that money [where-ever]....Let's spend it here." Well, we see where all that "spending here" is going, now don't we....BIG LABOR. Yeah...that creates jobs....what a frakkin' joke.
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