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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

The Gift (***)

I must admit, Star Trek left a bad taste in my mouth, so coming back to an episode of Voyager which doesn't move at a million miles a second in order to cover up its lapses in plot and logic is nice. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm thankful for Voyager.

Of course this episode isn't perfect, I think that Kes's powers came about far too quickly after 3 seasons of hardly any development, and now knowing the behind the scenes details of her exit (which I had no clue about when I first watched it) it is almost painful to imagine what Jennifer Lien must have been thinking during the crying scene with Janeway. It might have made a nice scene had it not been for the fact that she was booted from the show for someone who could better fill out a cat-suit.

If they had to boot Kes from the show then I don't think this is such a bad way of doing it. When Kes started talking about space and thought being one it brought back memories of the Traveller from TNG and him guiding Wesley to join him, and it made me wonder if Kes was on a similar journey. It would have been nicer to develop this over a few more episodes though, as it is things are left very vague.

My first impressions of Seven have not been favourable, she is a very annoying character. Jeri Ryan seems to think that emotions are conveyed through shouting, she has so far brought no sense of subtlety to the role. And to be perfectly frank she doesn't even act like a Borg, she acts like a child demanding a new toy, which I suppose is sort of in-character considering she was assimilated as a child, but it is still annoying to my ears.

Shuttles Lost: 5

I'm feeling generous so I'm going to give Voyager a gift of my own and allow it to have one final shuttle before I start deducting points. But if they lose this one then that will be it, so they had better make it last.
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